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MK 1
Vulture MK1
Faction Shadow Revolution
Class Wraith
Type Air
RPS Heavy 1Light 1Inf 3Air 2Build 1
Cost 100
Health 8100
Damage 34
Speed 175
Range 500
Vision 900
Starstreak Missiles MK1
Ability vulture
Target 4 nearest air enemies
Duration Instant
Cooldown time 90
RPS Heavy 0Light 0Inf 0Air 1Build 0
Damage 1500


The Vulture is the Shadow Revolution's mainstay aircraft which is lightly armored preventing it from engaging in battles for prolonged periods of time. What is loses in armor it gains in speed and acceleration, however. When used in groups the Vulture is particularly devastating against enemy aircraft, firing off multiple swarms of Starstreak missiles.

Depot DescriptionEdit

The Shadow Revolution's answer to the Harpy. Its Starstreak missiles are devastating to enemy aircraft. Fast and mobile, the Vulture is a key element in protecting infantry scout units as they seize key objectives.


Fires air-to-air missiles at up to 4 nearby targets causing 1500 damage. Only available when in range of valid air targets.

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