MK 3
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MK 1
Vulcan MK1
Faction Liberation Front
Class Spartan
Type Light
RPS Heavy 1Light 1Inf 3Air 0Build 3
Cost 120
Health 16500
Damage 90
AOE Type Cone
Speed 120
Range 250
Vision 600
Offensive Capture 60
Defensive Capture 60
Slows infantry by 50%
Flame Grenade MK1
Ability vulcan
Target Terrain
Duration 6
Cooldown time 45
AOE Radius 100
RPS Heavy 1Light 1Inf 3Air 0Build 3
  • AOE damage 500
  • Later 50 damage per second for 6 sec


A truly terrifying vehicle to encounter on the battlefield, the Vulcan unleashes a devastating stream of "Napalm X", a white-phosphorus enhanced incendiary gel that incinerates both infantry and structures. Its only true weakness is that it cannot stand toe to toe with heavy armor. Because of the brutally inherent in conducting this type of warfare, Vulcans tend to be operated by Spartan's most aggressive and daring soldiers.

Depot DescriptionEdit

Smaller than the Ares, the Vulcan makes up for its lack of armor with its quick speed. The Vulcan is armed with a heavy flamethrower that is specially designed to quickly destroy enemy infantry, turrets, and structures.


Launches a flame grenade that deals 500 area of effect damage on impact and approximately 50 damage per sec to units that remain in the area.

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