MK 3
MK 2
MK 1
Viper MK1
Faction Shadow Revolution
Class Phantom
Type Light
RPS Heavy 3Light 1Inf 1Air 2Build 1
Cost 90
Health 8800
Damage 220
Speed 150
Range 450
Vision 600
Offensive Capture 45
Defensive Capture 45
Stealth Stealth 2
Ink Blind MK1
Ability viper
Target Terrain
Duration 20
Cooldown time 90
Affected enemies have
  • No vision
  • No stealth detection
  • Can't use abilities


The Viper is built for stealth, making it the perfect ambush vehicle. It is a very fast, hit and run unit, good against heavy vehicles and air units.

Depot DescriptionEdit

Armed with a multi-barreled rocket launcher, the Viper specializes in countering aircraft and heavy vehicles. The vehicle's unique design (which incorporates a single rear wheel) helps the Viper hit top speed in a matter of seconds, marking it as an ideal hit-and-run vehicle. The Viper is also equipped with advanced, light-bending technology that effectively "blind" enemy units. When activated, enemy units are unable to target and find themselves defenseless. Add this to its state of the art stealth systems, and the Viper is one of the deadliest combat vehicles around


Shroud the target area in smoke, preventing the vision, stealth detection, and special abilities of enemy ground units.

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