MK 2
MK 1
Tremor Turret MK1
Faction Shadow Revolution
Class Wraith
RPS Heavy 1Light 1Inf 1Air 0Build 3
Cost 75
Health 6000
Damage 12
AOE Type Circle
Range 450
Vision 600
Defensive Capture 75
Build Time 7
Cooldown Time 15


An automated offensive turret that launches burrowing Tremor Drones that travel beneath enemy unit locations and explode, causing kinetic damage form small localized earthquakes. Its primary function is to hit enemies quickly and is best used in offensive maneuvers. Like most Wraith turrets, it constructs itself quickly but is only lightly armored.

Depot DescriptionEdit

Deals damage to all ground units in the effected area. Structures take extreme damage.

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