Some unts have stealth, that means they can't be detected and thus attacked, under certain conditions. There are 3 types of stealth:

  • Normal, the unit is undetectable when it doesn't move and doesn't fire
  • Improved, the unit is undetectable when it doesn't fire. It can move without being detected.
  • Advanced, the unit can move and fire without being detected.

The following items affect stealth:

  • Spartan
    • Orion, has normal stealth
  • Phantom
    • Predator, has improved stealth
    • Raven, has improved stealth
    • Viper, has improved stealth
    • Shadowmaker's ability provides advanced stealth to nearby units
    • Stalker is stealth when dug in using it's ability

Most phantom units and structures have stealth at higher marks. Archimedes deals x3 damage to stealth units.


Certain units and abilities are detectors - they can reveal stealth units when in range. All stealthed units are revealed when they get any kind of damage in any way. Detectors have detection range, which is often different from their vision and attack ranges.

The following items are detectors:

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