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Shredder MK1
Faction Shadow Revolution
Class Phantom
Type Light
RPS Heavy 1Light 1Inf 1Air 3Build 2
Cost 90
Health 9700
Damage 147
Speed 140
Range 600
Vision 750
Offensive Capture 45
Defensive Capture 45
Full-Auto MK1
Ability shredder
Target Self
Duration 20
Cooldown time 90
  • Shredder deals x2 more damage
  • Shredder cannot attack for 15 seconds after using this ability


The Shredder is primarily used for anti-aircraft duty, but can also be used quite effectively against structures. Using its effective Full-Auto ability, it can unleash a large amount of damage very quickly.

Depot DescriptionEdit

The Shredder is a quick-response vehicle armed with incendiary anti-air rounds that decimate enemy aircraft. The Shredder can also set itself to Full-Auto, effectively doubling its damage output but it must be careful, as it will quickly run out of ammo.


The Shredder attacks rapidly. After the barrage, it cannot attack for 15 sec.

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