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MK 2
MK 1
Shiva MK1
Faction Liberation Front
Class Patriot
Type Heavy
RPS Heavy 2Light 1Inf 1Air 0Build 1
Cost 180
Health 15000
Damage 325
AOE Type In line
Can attack move No
Speed 80
Range 800
Vision 750
Offensive Capture 63
Defensive Capture 63
Stasis MK1
Ability shiva
Target Self
Duration 15
Cooldown time 60
  • Shiva can't attack or move
  • Shiva becomes invulnerable


The schematics for the Shiva were recovered from an abandoned weapons lab located in the Carpathian Mountains that is rumored to be where Sevastian Korvus conducted many of his prototype proving challenges. A single shot of its rail gun is capable of passing through multiple targets and inflicts large amount of damage, all without corresponding loss in performance.

Depot DescriptionEdit

Slightly smaller than the Titan, the Shiva is the pinnacle of cutting-edge technology. Its massive rail gun is quite possibly the most destructive force in the world currently. The Shiva excels as a tank destroying sniper.


The Shiva becomes invulnerable but is unable to move or attack.

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