Schumacher Ilm
Schumacher Ilm
Faction Mercenary Company
Class The Blitz
Type Light
RPS Heavy 1Light 1Inf 3Air 2Build 1
Cost 100
Health 12000
Damage 100
Speed 150
Range 400
Vision 600
Offensive Capture 50
Defensive Capture 50
Suppressive Fire
Suppressive Fire
Target Terrain
Duration 12
Cooldown time 70
  • Slows infantry by 50%
  • Disables unit abilities
  • Shumacher Ilm can't move while using this ability


Fast-moving machine gun strike vehicle capable of laying down Suppressive Fire, an ability that slows enemy infantry and renders them unable to use their special abilities.

Suppressive Fire Ability DescriptionEdit

Target a location to slow the movement speed of enemy infantry units by 50% and disable their unit abilities. The Shumacher Ilm is stationary for the duration of the ability.

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