Resource Hog
Type PvP
Sub-Type Domination
Player count 4v4
Estimated duration 15 minutes
Resource Tickle
Base 4
From an RP 2


The factions battle over a water purification plant near an antiquated star fortress.

  • Capture and hold Victory Points to win.
  • Each Victory Point provides score. Hold the majority to gain score faster than the enemy.


LF and SR forces struggle for the control of a water purification plant. The army which reaches 5000 victory points first, is the winner.


This is a standard and simple 4v4 map.

There are 3 victory points, which are essential for victory. Capture and hold at least 2 of them to get victory score faster than the enemy. Capturing a VP also spawns 3 defensive turrets around it. Victory score is displayed at the top side of the UI. The team which reaches 5000 victory score first is the winner.

There are also 4 resource points, 2 of them can be accessed and captured only by infantry units. So make sure you or your teammates bring some infantry, or you won't be able to capture them.

There are very powerful and indestructible defense turrets near landing zones, so don't get close to enemy LZ.

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