MK 3
MK 2
MK 1
Reaper MK1
Faction Shadow Revolution
Class Wraith
Type Light
RPS Heavy 3Light 1Inf 1Air 0Build 2
Cost 110
Health 14100
Damage 110
Speed 120
Range 400
Vision 600
Offensive Capture 55
Defensive Capture 55
Swap to Canister MK1
Ability reaper SHOTGUN
Target Switch weapon
Duration Unlimited
Cooldown time 1
RPS Heavy 1Light 2Inf 3Air 0Build 1
  • Changes RPS
  • Damage 90
  • Deals cone AOE damage
  • Range 250


The Reaper's exceptional speed, maneuverability, and shotgun-style primary weapon make it a combat vehicle without peer. Switching back and forth from its cannon mode (which fires deadly slug shells) to its canister mode (which fires swath of pellets), the Reaper can destroy infantry, all ground vehicles, and even enemy turrets.

Depot DescriptionEdit

A low-slung, fast vehicle mounted with a shotgun, the Reaper can run down infantry and light vehicles, as well as punish heavy vehicles and structures.


Swaps the primary weapon to a shotgun.

The Reaper is a unit which is effective against all types of ground units. It's ability has a simple usage - just switches RPS between Heavy 3Light 1Inf 1Air 0Build 2 and Heavy 1Light 2Inf 3Air 0Build 1.

  • In it's first state (slug cannon) Reaper is effective against heavy units and structures.
  • Second state (shotgun or canister) is most useful against infantry and light units. In this state Reaper deals cone damage, which can hit more than 1 units at once. This comes at a cost however - range is decreased by 30%.

This type of unit doesn't require too much micro, just know what type of enemy units you will encounter. Weapon switch happens rather fast, in 1 or 2 seconds, but Reaper can't attack during that time, so constantly switching weapons during the heat of the battle isn't a good idea.

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