MK 3
MK 2
MK 1
Ravager MK1
Faction Shadow Revolution
Class Phantom
Type Heavy
RPS Heavy 1Light 1Inf 3Air 0Build 2
Cost 130
Health 8600
Damage 417
AOE Type Circle
Can attack move No
Attacks homing No
Speed 80
Range 1200
Vision 300
Offensive Capture 26
Defensive Capture 26
Swap to AM MK1
Ability ravager AM
Target Switch weapon
Duration Unlimited
Cooldown time 1
RPS Heavy 3Light 1Inf 2Air 0Build 1
Changes RPS


The Ravager is a large mobile heavye artillery platform with tremendous range. The single cannon fires very slowly, but the explosion does significant damage to an area. Armed with both regular artillery shells and AM shells, the Ravager can annihilate a wide range of enemy units.

Depot DescriptionEdit

A mobile artillery platform, the Ravager fires massive damage to the target area. In order to fire the Ravager must deploy its bracers, which make it vulnerable to close-range attacks from infantry and other fast-moving units. Due to its extreme range, the Ravager can often benefit from allies beyond its normal viewing distance so that it can fire even further away. Its variety of shell types makes it an equal opportunity destroyer, laying circles of death across the battlefield.


Swap the Ravager's primary weapon, causing additional damage to heavy and infantry units.

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