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MK 1
Predator MK1
Faction Shadow Revolution
Class Phantom
Type Heavy
RPS Heavy 3Light 2Inf 1Air 0Build 1
Cost 140
Health 16200
Damage 175
Speed 110
Range 300
Vision 600
Offensive Capture 49
Defensive Capture 91
Stealth Stealth 2
Ambush Strike MK1
Ability predator
Target Enemy
Duration 8
Cooldown time 60
  • Can be used only when Predator is stealthed
  • Damage 3500
  • Slow 70%
  • Critical chance 30%


The Predator is a medium-sized tank, built for speed over armor. It is best used to ambush light and heavy vehicles who can't keep up with its speed, its stealth, and its cannon.

Depot DescriptionEdit

Equipped with low observable technology not unlike many modern attack planes, the Predator can remain in stealth until it directly engages an enemy in combat, where it does devastating damage. Its advanced weapon systems and speed mark it as an ideal tank killer, but it's capable of engaging ground units of any type. Reports that the Predators stealth technology was looted from Area 51 remain unconfirmed.


A powerful shot that deals 3500 damage and slows the target for 70%. This ability can only be used when the Predator is in stealth.

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