Last Stand
Type PvP
Sub-Type Last Man Standing
Player count 1v1
Resource Tickle


The city has been demolished by the ON. The locals will join your cause if you can defeat the invaders.

  • Hold your Victory Point the longest or defeat the ON forces in round 40 to win.
  • Victory Point influence cannot be regained by units, but can be purchased back through an ability.
  • Purchase air, tank or artillery mercenary waves to send at the other player.


This is a 1v1 survival map. The enemy attacks both you and your opponent, the player who survives longer is the winner.

You must defend your victory point (VP). Defensive capture doesn't work on your VP and having units and turrets near your VP won't help defend it. So don't allow ON units come near it. You can restore the influence only with the button provided at top of UI - for 800 RP.

Capture the resource point to get more resources over time.

There are also 2 superweapon (SW) points - CP EMP Uplink, which provides EMP pulse upon capture. EMP pulse costs 1500 RP and it stuns the enemies in the targeted area - they cannot move or attack for 20 seconds. The other superweapon is bombing run - it's a powerful weapon which costs 1500 RP. Bombing run can be captured both by you and the enemy.

Remember to pick the small crates when you capture the SW points, or you won't get the weapon.

Send mercenary waves (1500 RP) to enemy base by upgrading the factories. There are 3 types of mercenaries:

  • Artillery: 6 artillery units
  • Tank: 3 tank units
  • Air: 8 air units

Send whichever type counters best against enemy units.

To upgrade the factory or send mercenaries, click on the circle above the factory/mercenary base and select "Upgrade factory". Mercenaries will automatically attack and engage the enemy and fight their way to enemy victory point.

If your defense turrets are destroyed, it's possible to upgrade the defense factory (1500 RP) to deploy new turrets.

Use these superweapons, commander abilities and send mercenaries to weaken the enemy and help ON capture his victory point.

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