Type PvE
Sub-Type Campaign
Player count 4
Estimated duration 8 to 14 minutes
Resource Tickle
Base 4.4
From an RP 2


An advanced research facility constructed by the United States military before the Great Crisis is now under our control, and must be defeated from the Order of Nations.

Defend the facility until it is operational.


  • Use the ELISA Prototype to destroy Panzer Hulk
  • Capture and hold all power plant Victory Points to activate the ELISA Prototype
  • Superweapon Control Building must survive


4 players are fighting on a small island against invading Order of Nations forces. In the middle of the battle players are informed about incoming Panzer Hulk. You should defend the ELISA superweapon and destroy the Panzer Hulk.


Panzer Hulk comes either from north-east or north-west part of the map, through water. It's essential to capture the 4 victory points to enable the superweapon. Players can access west victory point only when 3 others are captured. After all VP is under players' control, supwerwapon is enabled, all 4 playes should use it on the Panzer Hulk in order to destroy it. It has 300,000 health, and a single shot of superweapon deals 75,000 damage, so 4 shots will destroy the tank.

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