Ice Breaker
Type PvP
Sub-Type Base Defense
Player count 2v2
Resource Tickle


Factions battle over an Order of Nations drone carrier stranded in the arctic waters above Canada.

Destroy the enemy headquarters.

  • Secure Victory points to expose the enemy headquarters.
  • Factories can upgrade multiple times, and must be defended.


This is a 2v2 base assault map. Destroy enemy base to win. Bases have 300,000 health, and factories have 150,000.

There are 3 victory points, capturing at least 2 of them drops the enemy base shield, giving you a chance to destroy the enemy base. There are 2 gatling turrets around bases, you can destroy them too to ease final assault.

There are 2 drone UGV factories near each base, which occasionally produce small drones. You can upgrade each of those factories 2 times. First upgrade (1500 RP) gives more light drones each time, and the second upgrade (2000 RP) produces powerful heavy drones each time. When the drones reach enemy base, and there are no enemies around, they self-destruct and deal damage to factories and base.

Destroy enemy UGV factories and gatling turrets to make final assault on base easier.

There are also 2 resource points, capture them to get more wealth than the enemy.

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