All the hotkeys can be reassigned through Esc > Hotkeys.

Command Default Key
Unit Orders
Attack Move A
Clear Orders D
Follow the selected unit shift F
Hold Fire F
Hold Position H
Move in Formation G
Stop S
Call for reinforcements V
Class Specialization B
Cycle Notification shift Space
Cycle Owned Structures X
Cycle Owned Units Z
Display Unit Ranges Space
Match Stats Tab
Missions shift J
Move (???) Unassigned
Select All Units ctrl A
Tactical Currency Transfer Numpad +
Open Tactical Overview Map M
Help shift H
Enter Open chat
Esc Open Esc-menu
Alt F4 Immediately close the game
Camera Position Save
Save Current Camera Location 0 ctrl F1
Save Current Camera Location 1 ctrl F2
Move Camera to Location 0 F1
Move Camera to Location 1 F2
Show Current Landing Zone Home
Scroll Up Up arrow
Scroll Down Down arrow
Scroll Left Left arrow
Scroll Right Right arrow
Unit Group Assignment
Assign Group 1 ctrl 1
Assign Group 2 ctrl 2
Assign Group 3 ctrl 3
Assign Group 4 ctrl 4
Assign Group 5 ctrl 5
Assign Group 6 ctrl 6
Assign Group 7 ctrl 7
Assign Group 8 ctrl 8
Assign Group 9 ctrl 9
Assign Group 0 ctrl 0
Unit Group Selection
Select Group 1 1
Select Group 2 2
Select Group 3 3
Select Group 4 4
Select Group 5 5
Select Group 6 6
Select Group 7 7
Select Group 8 8
Select Group 9 9
Select Group 0 0
Lower Unit Abilities
Lower Unit Ability 1 Q
Lower Unit Ability 2 W
Lower Unit Ability 3 E
Lower Unit Ability 4 R
Lower Unit Ability 5 T
Lower Unit Ability 6 Y
Lower Unit Ability 7 ctrl Q
Lower Unit Ability 8 ctrl W
Lower Unit Ability 9 ctrl E
Lower Unit Ability 0 ctrl R
Top Unit Abilities
Top Unit Ability 1 ctrl alt E
Top Unit Ability 2 ctrl alt R
Top Unit Ability 3 ctrl alt T
Top Unit Ability 4 ctrl alt Y
Top Unit Ability 5 shift ctrl Q
Top Unit Ability 6 shift ctrl W
Top Unit Ability 7 shift ctrl E
Top Unit Ability 8 shift ctrl R
Top Unit Ability 9 shift ctrl T
Top Unit Ability 0 shift ctrl Y
Upper Unit Abilities
Upper Unit Ability 1 ctrl T
Upper Unit Ability 2 ctrl Y
Upper Unit Ability 3 alt Q
Upper Unit Ability 4 alt W
Upper Unit Ability 5 alt E
Upper Unit Ability 6 alt R
Upper Unit Ability 7 alt T
Upper Unit Ability 8 alt Y
Upper Unit Ability 9 ctrl alt Q
Upper Unit Ability 0 ctrl alt W
Commander Abilities
Commander Ability 1 shift Q
Commander Ability 2 shift W
Commander Ability 3 shift E
Commander Ability 4 shift R
Commander Ability 5 shift T
Commander Ability 6 shift Y
Commander Ability 7 shift U
Commander Ability 8 shift I
Commander Ability 9 shift O
Superweapon Hotkey 1 F9
Superweapon Hotkey 2 F10
Superweapon Hotkey 3 F11
Superweapon Hotkey 4 F12
Superweapon Hotkey 5 (unassigned)
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