Hold the Line
Type PvE
Sub-Type Survival
Player count 4
Resource Tickle


Evacuate civilians before ON rounds them up for labor camps.

Defend the Evacuation Center from incoming ON forces.

  • Defense Factory provides missile turrets, and it must be defended.


This is a 4 player survival map. You fight against ON forces, which attack from all directions. Defend the evacuation center at all costs. Survive for 40 waves waves to win.

Occasionally resource drops will appear, pick them up when you are low on resources - but remember you can't have more than 5000 resources, and anything you pick will be wasted when you are on that limit. Also leave some resource drops for your teammates.

Upgrade the factory to get defense turrets and capture to get superweapons.

It's best to build your structures near near defensive turrets, for increased efficiency. It's also a good idea to have artillery here, since enemies are numerous and have low health - AoE weapons and abilities are quite effective.

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