MK 3
MK 2
MK 1
Harpy MK1
Faction Liberation Front
Class Patriot
Type Air
RPS Heavy 1Light 1Inf 3Air 2Build 1
Cost 100
Health 10200
Damage 108
Speed 175
Range 300
Vision 900
Detection 800, only when not moving
Chaff MK1
Target Self
Duration 10
Cooldown time 120
Enemies start attacking chaff instead of Harpy


A fast-moving attack aircraft, the Harpy is the only unit in the Liberation Front's arsenal that can quickly traverse the battlefield. Inspired by traditional, western attack helicopters, the Harpy has been modified with cutting edge-weaponry developed by Anvil Defense Systems. Harpies are excellent at providing cover for friendly aircraft, making them the perfect wingmen for Ragnaroks and other friendly flying units.

Depot DescriptionEdit

The Harpy is the Liberation Front's lightly-armored aircraft. It is especially effective against infantry and can provide relentless stream of damage versus other aircraft. Its defense capabilities prevent enemy missiles and weapons from damaging it and its allies, making them useful against uncontrolled units.


The Harpy deploys countermeasures, causing uncontrolled enemy units that can attack air to attack the chaff instead of Harpy.

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