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MK 1
Guardian MK1
Faction Liberation Front
Class Spartan
Type Infantry
RPS Heavy 1Light 3Inf 2Air 1Build 1
Cost 130
Health 15000
Damage 210
Can attack move No
Resistance 15
Speed 80
Range 450
Vision 600
Offensive Capture 65
Defensive Capture 65
Lockdown MK1
Ability guardian
Target Self, dig-in
Duration Unlimited
Cooldown time 15
RPS Heavy 1Light 3Inf 2Air 2Build 1
  • Range +50%
  • Vision +25%
  • Damage +35
  • Resistance +10%


Outfitted with hi-tech armor and superior weapon systems, Guardians specialize in attacking and destroying enemy light vehicles and aircraft. The exoskeleton's design is based on schematics stolen from the Order of Nations and is exclusively used by the Liberation Front's most elite soldiers. When deployed in Lockdown mode, this tank-like infantry unit gains increased weapon damage and range as well as increased damage resista Sourcence.

Depot DescriptionEdit

A heavily armored exo-skeleton battle suit that is equipped with a massive chain gun. When deployed in "Lockdown" mode, it becomes stationary but gains increased damage to air, light, and infantry.


The Guardian locks itself in place, adding an additional 50% weapon range, 25% vision, 35 damage and 10% damage resistance.

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