MK 3
MK 2
MK 1
Cyclops MK1
Faction Liberation Front
Class Patriot
Type Light
RPS Heavy 1Light 1Inf 3Air 0Build 2
Cost 100
Health 6000
Damage 220
AOE Type Circle
Can attack move No
Attacks homing No
Speed 100
Range 1000
Vision 300
Offensive Capture 20
Defensive Capture 20
Flame Bombardment MK1
Ability cyclops
Target Terrain
Duration Unlimited
Cooldown time 15
Deals 400 damage per second for a short time in the area


Possessing a traditional 21st century mobile artillery design, the Cyclops has a long cannon supported by continuous track system similar to a modern-day tank. Where the Cyclops shines, however is its Flame Bombardment attack which rains down high-impact incinerating rounds upon its target.

Depot DescriptionEdit

A light armored mobile artillery vehicle that gives Liberation Front commanders the necessary firepower to support their tanks from afar. The Cyclops further distingushes itself from other artillery due to its Flame bombardment firing system.


Unleashes a flame bombardment in the area that deals 1200 area of effect damage on impact (400 DPS) and approximately 50 damage per second to units that remain in the area.

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