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Colossus MK1
Faction Liberation Front
Class Spartan
Type Heavy
RPS Heavy 2Light 3Inf 1Air 0Build 1
Cost 250
Health 30600
Damage 250
Resistance 25
Speed 80
Range 450
Vision 1000
Offensive Capture 50
Defensive Capture 200
Second weapon has RPS Heavy 3Light 2Inf 1Air 0Build 1
Tank Bombardment MK1
Ability colossus
Target Terrain
Duration 15
Cooldown time 90
AOE Radius 200
RPS Heavy 1Light 1Inf 1Air 0Build 1
  • Colossus can't move
  • Damage 600 per second
  • Slows enemies by 25%


The Colossus was conceived as the Liberation Front's answer to the myriad of ultra-heavy units being fielded by the Order of Nations. Large, awe-inspiring and tough, the Colossus can take a severe beating while still dishing out substantial amounts of firepower. Although slower and slightly less armored than a Titan, the Colossus more than makes up for this in its armament and broad versatility in dealing destruction to the enemy. Its multiple cannons (both heavy and standard) make its damage output the effective equivalent of several Titan and Ares units. Colossus has 2 types of weapons, each with different RPS. One of them is Heavy 2Light 3Inf 1Air 0Build 1, and the other is Heavy 3Light 2Inf 1Air 0Build 1.


The Colossus becomes immobile and unleashes a barrage in the targeted location, dealing approximately 600 damage per sec and slowing enemies by 25%.

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