There are several types of capture points, which provide different bonuses to the army controlling it.

Landing ZoneEdit

Landing Zones allow to deploy units in the location when under control. Since your team can control several of these points, you can select which one you want units to deploy to. To select a landing zone, click on the Landing Zone icon and press "Select Landing Zone" from drop-down menu. Capturing a Landing Zone allows players to deploy units closer to combat area, and are essential for an army on the move. Landing zones also heal your units (not structures) in range for 3% health per sec.

Primary Landing ZoneEdit

These are just like normal Landing Zones, except they cannot be captured by the enemy.


Factories provide benefits like support units, defensive turrets, and additional firepower. To get these benefits you must upgrade the factory. To upgrade a factory, left-click on it's icon and press "Upgrade".

Victory PointEdit

Victory points are essential for victory. In domination maps like Resource Hog, victory points provide victory score, which defines the winner. In other maps like Deep Hammer and Ice Breaker, controlling a certain number of victory points disables enemys' shields and allows your faction to destroy the objective.

Resource PointEdit

Resource points provide additional tactical resources when captured.

Superweapon PointEdit

Superweapon points provide several superweapon drop boxes, which can be picked by nearby units and grant a single superweapon use. Consumed on use.

Faction HeadquartersEdit

Headquarters are huge buildings on the map. Usually they are the mission target, in maps like IB and DH.
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