MK 2
MK 1
Artillery Turret MK1
Faction Liberation Front
Class Spartan
RPS Heavy 1Light 1Inf 3Air 0Build 3
Cost 150
Health 12000
Damage 170
AOE Type Circle
AOE Radius 150
Attacks homing No
Range 600, 150 min
Vision 600
Defensive Capture 300
Build Time 60
Cooldown Time 30


An automated weapon platform capable of firing in any direction. The artillery variant fires large explosive shells capable of hitting enemies well beyond its control area. Like most Spartan emplacements, this turret has a long construction time, though it is more durable than most other factions' emplacements. Additionally, due to the size and recoil of firing such large shells, it requires more time to build than other Spartan turrets. The Artillery Turret is most effective against enemy infantry and buildings.

Depot DescriptionEdit

Fires very long range shells that deal area of effect damage that is effective against infantry and buildings.

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